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Code: 9108
Available in: Light Blue
Descriptions: Denim, Comes in M & L size, M size - Waist 76cm, Thighs 58cm, Hips 92cm, Length 29cm,
L size - Waist 82cm, Thighs 58cm, Hips 94cm, Length 29cm
Price: RM 33.00
Code: 9293
Available in: Blue
Descriptions: Denim, Comes in M & L size, M size - Waist 76cm, Hips 90cm, Length 29cm, L size - Waist 84cm, Hips 96cm, Length 29cm
Price: RM 32.00
Code: 5051
Available in: White, Dark Blue
Descriptions: Cotton, Waist 26cm (stretchable), Length 32cm
Price: RM 28.00

Code: 9116 (Popular Item!)
Available in: Blue
Descriptions: Denim (elastic), Waist 54cm, Hips 72cm, Length 65cm
Price: RM 26.00

Code: 9907
Available in: White, Blue
Descriptions: Cotton, Waist 68cm, Hips 87cm, Length 33cm
Price: RM 25.00

Code: 6136 (VERY Popular Item!)
Available in: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple
Descriptions: Cotton, Waist 60-80cm, Length 90cm (can be worn as a skirt or dress)
Price: RM 35.00

Code: 9705
Available in: Grey, Yellow
Descriptions: Cotton, Waist 70-86cm, Hips 100cm, Length 70cm
Price: RM 31.00

Code: 9847
Available in: Black, Khaki
Descriptions: Cotton (elastic), Waist 70cm, Hips 88cm, Length 60cm
Price: RM 32.00

Code: 9904
Available in: Pink, Black, Green
Descriptions: Cotton, Waist 76cm, Hips 90cm, Thigh 54cm, Length 30cm
Price: RM 29.00

Code: 9158
Available in: Brown, Maroon
Descriptions: Wool, Waist 76cm, Length 27cm
Price: RM 30.00

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