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Code: 841
Available in: As seen in picture
Descriptions: Bustline 86cm, Length 61cm
Price: RM 28.00
Code: 842
Available in: Grey
Descriptions: Chiffon, Bustline 98cm, Length 76cm
Price: RM 29.00
Code: 843
Available in: White
Descriptions: Chiffon & Lace, Inner top - Bustline 70cm (stretchable), Length 42cm, Outer top - Bustline 108cm, Sleeves 36cm, Length 67cm
Price: RM 30.00
Code: 803
Available in: White, Black, Pink
Descriptions: Cotton, Shoulder 26cm, Bustline 88cm, Sleeves 39cm, Length 55cm
Price: RM 29.00

Code: 813
Available in: White with Black polka dots
Descriptions: Chiffon, Shoulder 40cm, Bustline 100cm, Sleeves 40cm, Length 64cm
Price: RM 29.00

Code: 817
Available in: Beige
Descriptions: Inner layer - Cotton, Outer layer - Chiffon, Bustline 68-96cm, Sleeves 21cm, Length 70cm
Price: RM 30.00

Code: 830
Available in: Pink, White
Descriptions: Chiffon, Bustline 86cm, Length 60cm
Price: RM 30.00

Code: 834
Available in: White, Black
Descriptions: Chiffon, Shoulder 36cm, Bustline 86cm, Sleeves 23cm, Length 78cm
Price: RM 29.00

Code: 838 (Popular Item!)
Available in: Black, White
Descriptions: Chiffon, Shoulder 36cm, Bustline 86cm, Length 71cm
Price: RM 30.00

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